Overwatch Hacker Impersonate The Real Player But Truth Was Revealed!

This is the story of a player who owns his credit by playing his mind in the game. Without cheating the game he earns the best player reward.

Kephrii is the best competitive player in Overwatch. He is known as the best Widowmakers in the world. Last week when he entered a game, as usual, he discovered a player using the handle as his handle. He found another Kephrii Widowmaker. The player with the same name is happened to be an online game hacker.


It’s not something unheard in the field of online gaming. The fake Widowmaker is not just impersonated the world’s top player. Which is common in most of the cases. But, the player is going online using the same handle and character. In order to reach the best hits, the fake player is using the help of aimbot cheat. Taking such impossible headshots might be mistaken for best deserving talent. Or it might create a bad impression on the world’s best-talented player.

However, Kephrii did not grant the situation and take it as a spot person. Instead of letting it go he chooses to prove his stand and take down the hacker by his actual talent. Though the battle was not a fair one in as he has to go through some of the odd advantages of other players.

Sometimes the real Kephrii takes down the fake player who is trying to get the position by cheating on another player. And not by using his talent but using some specific cheats. But, the battle was not so easy, the fake Widowmaker fights back with incredible shots by obviously using aimbots help. Kephrii defeated in the first round. At the end real Kephrii wins the match and regain his status as the best player in the world.

Overwatch league

When Real Widowmaker takes the shot of fake hacker he typed in his chat box “Can’t even be me with hacks bud,” he types into the chat.

My Thoughts

Hacking is not something unheard in this gaming scenario. Some hacker does it for fun some just to reach the top. Some who are best at it they just want to mess with the game. But, in all the cases cheating and talking else’s credit it’s not acceptable at all.

By and large, hacking is not an ethical practice. Some of the great player unable to match with the gameplay because there are some hackers who just want to ditch the game for their benefits.