Hackers Earning Money For 20 Years By Exploiting MMO Security Flaws

The Hacker well known as Manfred spent his entire two decades of time by searching a way to flirt with the economic side of MMO. In later this week he confessed the matter and also brings up the attention on online gaming security. Is it safe to add your account and personal information in the online gaming?


According to a source, who directly interact with the living legend of hacking world. Who spent his 20 years of time and living by cheating on online games. The source said, the hacker, Manfred now exploring the new forthcoming online game name Wildstar Online.

By inputting and modifying the debugger he gave his MMO character over 18 million in the Game value. He also sells stuff online to other players and also using the grey Market exchange to other online players. The scope is limited to the Wild starts economy can support.

If you are playing this online game, then it’s obvious that you must be aware of gold farming in MMO’s. This practice will bring you money for real.

If you grow your firm then it can be resold to other online players in exchange for real-world bucks. However, the practice is not common, by simply cheating the in-game resources in exchange for real-world money.

On the other hand, Manfred unique set of skills take his hand to all the online MMORPG gaming world. He tried this trick from the early 90’s release Ultimat Online it was the popular game and perhaps one of the online games which create a wide range of player database.

Then the story continues starting from the Final Fantasy XI to  Wild Grid 2. During the interaction, he, ”Manfred” has mentioned he often gets his hands burned to other players who have a high-speed internet connection.

To compensate his loss he had to cheat back the players, in that way he gets his hands on the tricks and unexpected hacking discovery which allow him to steal from other online player and get the reward quickly in the gaming house.

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“In Ultima Online there was a pre-set, finite number of houses that could be created within the game, so they were a scarce resource. Manfred says he found a way to delete people’s houses and take over their lots, allowing him to build more houses than he normally would be able to.

One day, Manfred told me, he had the idea of putting an Ultima Online castle on eBay to see if someone would buy it. He ended up selling it for almost $2,000, according to him (Manfred says he sold around 100 houses since then for an average price of around $2,000.)”

He makes use of the money for the betterment of his life. Manfred claims that he uses his money for higher education and colleges.

But he never ignored the fact of MMO scamming. Manfred confessed the source that now he is not into online game hacking as they now use different revenue models in their games.

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Manfred said he is in process of documentation of the compromised games. He finally going to report the vulnerabilities he discovered during the course of hacking to the host company.