The Undertaker Net Worth

Undertaker Aka Mark William Calaway Net Worth
Undertaker Salary 2013

Net Worth : $16 Million

Salary : $1,811,000

Source of Income : WWF , WWE , Movies

Wrestlers Age : 48 Years Old

Country / Birthplace : 

Real Name : Mark William Calaway
Undertaker Biography : Total Career Championships : Total Wins in Wrestler Mania : Awards – Achievements :
The Legend is alive and still working hard with his professional career of Wrestling the 48 Year Old Wrestler Undertaker achieved so much during his career . He married 3 times and his last marriage edition is WWE Diva and Wrestlers trainer Michelle McCool the hottest WWE Diva . Undertaker is always fans favourite his rivals are mostly Kane , The Rock , Stone Cold Steve Austin , Mankind , Kurt Angle , and Shawn Michaels .

Total Career Titles :

  1. World Heavyweight Championship – 3 Times
  2. WWE Champion – 4 Times
  3. Royal Rumble 2007 Winner
  4. WWF Hardcore Championship

Awards – Achievements :

  1. Slammy Award for WWF’s Greatest Hit
  2. Slammy Award for Moment of the Year (2010) vs Shawn Michaels
  3. Feud of the Year 2007
  4. Most Overrated 2001

Wrestling Record : 20 Fights Won in All Wrestle Mania Matches
The Undertaker Movies Collection : TV Appearances :

Mark¬†Calaway aka Undertaker , is one of the famous wrestlers today in the Industry from 90′s he is a professional Wrestler making his debut from WCW to WWE 2013 . Check out in some of the Hollywood movies he appeared as well as on the shows.

Movies as Actor :

  1. Suburban Commando
  2. Beyond the Mat

TV Appearances :

  1. Poltergeist: The Legacy
  2. Downtown
  3. Celebrity Deathmatch
  4. Off the Record with Michael Landsberg
  5. America’s Most Wanted

The Undertaker Cars and Bikes Collection :
Club Chopper : Angle Bike
Club Chopper Bikes 2013
Undertaker is always come on the Bikes in from 90′s to the 2003 and after this he change his style . But his bikes are always the shine light of Smack Down and WWE Raw.


  1. Neverheat says

    He has also been the World Tag Team Championship 6 times. With Stone Cold Steve Austin (1), The Big Show (2), The Rock (1) and Kane (2).

    And also the WCW World Tag Team Championship 1 time. With Kane.

  2. Peter Cashman says

    The Undertaker has always been oneida my favorite wrestlers. I’ve been watching Pro-Wrestling since I was knew high to a grass hopper (I’m 61 now), so I’ve seen my fair share of the squared circle.
    I’m hoping that Mr. Calaway knocks the crap outta Mr. Lesner, I will respect Mark Calaway NO MATTER what happens on Sunday, he has EARNED IT !!


  3. Siah Jay says

    Undertaker was defeated for the 1st time in wrestle mania by brock lesnar and the 3rd time in his career.

  4. Dadeo says

    It’s time for the undertaker to b put down. Give me 2 million n I’ll get the job done Ill do what Shawn Michaels couldn’t due Use 1 million on rehab after the match n the other mill on retirement

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