Top 10 Richest Pakistani People of 2014

Most Richest Pakistani People in 2014 – Billionaires by Net Worth
Most Rich Peoples of Pakistan
Pakistan may not be leading in the list of the richest persons of the world but sooner or later in 2014-2015 there may be a Pakistani listed in the World richest peoples list . There are some people who made their worth with the efforts of their business and idea’s . Shahid Khan is the one leading person of the Pakistan in the list .
1) Shahid Khan : Pakistan : Net Worth : 3.8 Billion (increased) :
Most richest man of PakistanOne of the most leading person in the race of the Money is non other then Shahid Khan . Who did the business of the Auto parts and become the richest person with his hard working skills and business knowledge .

Source of Income : Flex-N-Gate, Jacksonville Jaguars, Fulham F.C.
2) Mian Muhammad Mansha : Pakistan : Net Worth : 1-5 Billion (increased) :
richest billionaire of PakistanMian Muhammad Mansha another famous names in the Pakistan , due to his business development and source of income , well he may lead to the top after 2013 . He is one of the highest earning persons from the Textiles, Banking department business.

Source of Income : Nishat Group, MCB, Adamjee Group, Nishat Chiniot power
3) Asif Ali Zardari : Pakistan : Net Worth : 1.8 Billion (increased) :
Asif Ali Zardari richest Pakistan President ever Asif Ali Zardari the most popular and one of the most strongest man in the Pakistan . He is the President of Pakistan till 2013 , but after new Government take over his President seat taken away by the new selected President , Asif Ali Zardari has allots of money and there are many cases filed against him but what’s the truth no one knows , He may be on the leading position right after 2013 .

Source of Income : Multiple Sources, Agricultural income, Politics, Government
4) Nawaz Sharif : Pakistan : Net Worth : 1.4-2 Billion (increased) :
Nawaz Shariff Richest Pakistan Prime Minster Nawaz Sharif the current Prime Minister and most powerful man of Pakistan , right now he is not only a politician but also been a great leading business tycoon’s in Pakistan with some sugar mill’s , steel corporations . He is running the industries Ittefaq Group .

Source of Income : Ittefaq Group, Sharif Group
5) Sir Anwar Pervez : Pakistan : Net Worth : 1.1 Billion (increased) :
Richest Person of the World in 2014Sir Anwar Pervez the leading business man from London but related to the Pakistan , he has created a huge development projects ‘ He is one of the leading business person’s from United Kingdom now.

Source of Income : Bestway group, United Bank Limited
6) Saddaruddin Hashwani : Pakistan : Net Worth : 1 Billion (increased) :
The richest billionaire of PakistanSaddaruddin Hashwani the richest person related to Pakistan from the Islamabad . He is one of the strongest money holding personalties in Pakistan.

Source of Income : Marriott Hotels, Pearl Continental Hotel, Orient Petroleum
7) Nasir Schon : Pakistan : Net Worth : 1 Billion (increased) :
Most richest peoples from IslamabadNasir Schon another business tycoons in Pakistan from Karachi , his current work in the business field is getting totally profitable , the Business he developing is “Real estate, Fertilizer” .

Source of Income : Schon Group
8) Abdul R Yaqoob : Pakistan : Net Worth : 1 Billion (increased) :
Billionare of Pakistan 2014Abdul R Yaqoob the person who created Media, Real estate, Retail business is enjoying the success ladder step’s in future he may ahead of some other top Business mans in the Pakistan .

Source of Income : ARY Group
9) Malik Riaz Hussain : Pakistan : Net Worth : 1.1 Billion (increased) :
Bahria Town CEO 2014Malik Riaz the man who build the most successful house and real state business of development like Bahria Town in Pakistan will may in the top 5 of the richest peoples in 2014-2015 . Because his projects are getting successful in the Pakistan cities .

Source of Income : Bahria Town ,
10) Tariq Saigol : Pakistan : Net Worth : 850 Million (increased) :
Tariq Saigol richest PakistaniOne of the most richest persons from Lahore Tariq Saigol with his creative and successfull project’s idea’s . He is the leading business tycoons lets see how more money he can make with his new project’s.

Source of Income : Saigol Group Kohinoor Textile Mills, Pak Elektron Ltd, Saigol Motors, Sajeel Motors


  1. malik rashid minhas says

    thank u to all except asif ali zardari how make our country proud and bring jobs for pour people of pakistan because of there hard work and investment love u all and work hard more till we achive our goal to be the richest country of the hole world and the happest country of the hole world dil dil pakistan jan jan pakistan :)

  2. KDP says

    Billion Dollars worth or Billion Pakistani Rupees? I did not see currency identification in front of Billiaon

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