Ten Richest WWE Divas of 2015

Top 10 Highest Paid WWE Divas – Current Divas – (Retired)
Highest Earning Divas 2014
WWE Divas the most searched key word on the google . WWE Divas are one of the most beautiful and highest paid models , they are totally trained for their Athletic fighting skills . Well there are many big name divas from WWF to WWE era but in 2000’s the salaries are increased and endorsement deals and earnings are more highest then the 90’s divas.
1) AJ Lee : Status – Current WWE Diva (Champion) :
AJ Lee Girlfriend of John Cena in 2014
WWE has found a great talent from their new show NXT and one of the rising ladies from the show is AJ Lee who bring intnesity and accurate wrestling physique and she has been the most highest paid WWE Diva of 2014.

Salary : $320,000

Net Worth : $5 Million
2) Natalya : Status : Current WWE Diva :
Natalya Salary 2014 in WWE
Natalya is young totally good looking and one of the top divas to watch in the 2014 season of the WWE . She is always been the biggest contenders for the Womens “Championship” .

Net Worth : $4.5 Million

Salary : $310,000
3) Brie Bella : Status : WWE Diva :
Most Beautiful Wrestling Girl 2014
The Bella twins are most popular from 2012 to 2013 season of the WWE , both of them found from the NXT season . Brie Bella is one of the highest paid divas of 2013 , she has won the championship of “WWE Womens Championship” . Brie Bella is dating Daniel Bryan the top fighting Wrestler .

Net Worth : $4.2 Million

Salary : $280,000
4) Nikki Bella : Status : WWE Diva :
Nikki Bella john cena girlfriend
Another Bella Twin ” Nikki Bella ” the top diva due to her top wrestling skill , she is beautiful , creative and have a good looks and dating one of the richest Wrestlers of WWE (John Cena) . She is very confident to win the show called “Total Divas”.

Net Worth : $4 Million

Salary : $285,000
5) Kelly Kelly Status : WWE Diva :
the best looking diva in WWE
Kelly Kelly in a very short time she has made her name in the most powerful WWE divas in 2014 . According to many news sources the the most beautiful face of Wrestling now a days . She is one of the best paid divas of WWE Raw .

Net Worth : $3.5 Million

Salary : $280,000
6) Beth Phoenix : Status : Current WWE Diva :
Beth Phoneix 2014 Salary in WWE Raw
Beth Phoenix may not be the most time’s champion but always found to be the no 1 contender she is best her moves and skills to catch his opponents weakness . She is most earning money diva in 2011 .

Net Worth : $3 Million ( Estimated Earnings )

Salary : $272,500
6) Paige : Status : Current WWE Diva :
Most beautiful Young Diva in WWE
Paige an outstanding WWE new young diva from NXT . She has won the womens champion and gain a good respect among the other Diva . She will later seen in the Total Diva’s show . Currently she is the best paid diva from Britain .

Net Worth : $2.5 Million

Salary : £190,000
7) Rosa Mendes : Status : Current WWE Diva :
best paid wwe diva in 2014Rosa Mendes comes as surprise to many WWE Divas , Rosa Mendes is now being in the challenge for the WWE Women championship , She joined WWE Diva and win allots of contest She is currently earning good contract salary .

Net Worth : $2 Million

Salary : $230,000

8) Eva Marie : Status : Current WWE Diva :
best paid diva in Smack down 2014Eva Marie she was a model once but now days she is the part WWE Wrestling , Total Divas . Her wrestling skills improved with time and She has been the top diva of month January and February of WWE.

Net Worth : $1.85 Million

Salary : $200,000
9) Alicia Fox : Status : Current WWE Diva :
how rich is ebony beauty in WWEAlicia Fox one of the best WWE and NXT talents , She has achieved a great success in WWE in a short period of time. She has won most of her matches and no 1 contender for the WWE Divas Championship.

Net Worth : $1.85 Million

Salary : $190,000
10) Aksana : Status : Current WWE Diva :
most expensive European divas in WWEAksana career as a bodybuilder at the age of 16 , She is Lithuanian fitness model her real name is Živilė Raudonienė . She make a great impact in WWE Wrestling in last few months with her Wrestling skills .

Net Worth : $1.5 Million

Salary : $190,000
11) Stephanie McMahon Levesque : – Status ( WWE – Management )
Richest WWE Divas Stephine Machmohan
Stephanie McMahon the daddy’s girl daughter of the WWE owner “Vince Mcmahon” and wife of the famous Wrestler “Tripple H” she always got a back during her career in WWE Diva’s and WWF era.

Net Worth : $45 Million (Owners of WWE)
12) Trish Stratus : (Patricia Anne Stratigias) – Status [ Retire ]
Trish the most beautiful canada divas in WWE
Trish Stratus the Girl from Canada and now mother of children and married . But during her career in the WWE she is one of the most famous divas and most searched celebrities of the WWE.

Net Worth : $10 Million
13) Lita : (Amy Dumas) – Status [ Retire]
Lita Dating CM Punk 2014
One of the beautiful divas of the WWE and one of the highest paid models . She made her debut in the “WWF” and she is one of the toughest contenstent in the WWE.

Net Worth : Estimated ($5 Million)

14) Torrie Wilson : Status (Diva Retire ) : 
Torrie Wilson Girlfriend of Alex Rodreguiz 2014
Torrie Wilson there is no doubt that she is the heart of the WWE Fans , she is one of the hotties and also one of the most paid diva’s for her attributes and appearances in WWE . She is also payed well by the wrestling franchise .

Net Worth : $18 Million
15) Stacy Keibler : Status – Retire
Stacy Keibler Salary 2014 in WWE
Stacy Keibler the famous and most famous for entrance in the ring . Stacy Keibler has been champion for a long period of time in WWE Divas and she has bring the intensity and heat to the feuds with Lita , and Trish Stratus check out how rich she was . Stacy Keibler has made a good amount of the money from her Wrestling Career

Earnings : $6.5 Million (Estimated)