Top 10 Richest Bollywood Actors of 2015

Bollywood richest Celebs 2014
Bollywood has began a good start in 2015 , there are many big movies going to be released of the superstar including Salman Khan , Amir khan , Ranbir Kapoor , and Shahrukh Khan . Well now Bollywood is one of the highest paying industry in the Asia for actors . From Salman Khan to Imran Khan (Actor) are earning amount round about 10 crores per movie . But today one of the highest paid actors in the Bollywood is non other then ( Salman Khan ) his popularity increase with time to time .
Top 10 Highest Paid Bollywood Actors of 2014-2015
1) Shahrukh Khan : 50 Crore (Indian Rupee) – Actor , Producer , Bollywood :
Shahrukh Khan 2014 Earnings Well King Khan (Shahrukh) he may be in the leading list of highest paid actors if we only talk about the movies budget and per movie salary . Shahrukh Khan is the richest Indian actor by his properties in which “Red Chillies” , IPL team owner “Kolkata Knight Riders” . Shahrukh Khan has signed big movies in 2014 .

Shahrukh Khan Upcoming Movies : Happy New Year ,
2) Salman Khan – 45 Crore ( Indian Rupee ) – Actor – Producer – Bollywood :
Salman Khan the top famous actors of BollywoodSalman Khan the name which is getting invloved in the money , he is the highest earning TV Star’s now from a realtity TV Show called ” Big Boss ” for Season 7 Salman Khan is charging round about 5 crore per episode . He is already the highest paid actor from movies and now also on TV shows . His Salary per movie “16 Crore to 20 Crore” . So here Salman has defeated his arch rivals Shahrukh , Akshay and Amir Khan . Salman Khan has got offer of 100 Crore movie project .

Salman Khan Upcoming movies : Jai Ho , Kick , No Entry main Entry ,
3) Akshay Kumar : 40 Crore (Indian Rupee) – Actor , Bollywood :
Akshay Kumar Highest Paid Actor's of 2014Akshay Kumar the khaladi to Rowday of Bollywood now days demand round about 20 to 22 crore per movie . His acting skills are too good he can be fit in each role even its comic , action , love , or in negative role . Akshay Kumar has made his name with his quite tough hard work in the movies .

Akshay Upcoming movies : Holiday, Gabbar
4) Aamir Khan – 40 Crore ( Indian Rupee ) – Actor – Producer – Bollywood :
Amir Khan Earning Per MovieAfter getting full information about Amir Khan movie contracts from Internet he is the one richest person and actors his per movie feee is round about 40 crore which is enough to defeat any actor . Due to his highest earning in the per film salary he ranked number one .

Amri Khan Upcoming Movies : Peekay , Dhoom 3
5) Ranbir Kapoor : 19-24 Crore (Indian Rupee) + Increasing – Actor , Bollywood :
Ranbir Kapoor Girlfriend Katrina KaifRanbir Kapoor the new fame in the industry and the choclate boy of the Bollywood . Ranbir Kapoor has signed few movies for 2014 but his prices are increased due to his performances and fan following and appreciation from the film critics on his acting skills . He will may be on the top after few more months or in a years .

Ranbir Kapoor Upcoming Movies :
6) Hrithik Roshan : 16 – 20 Crore (Indian Rupee) + Increasing – Actor , Bollywood :
Dugu the highest paid  earning super star from Krish 3Hrithik Roshan is one of the best actors he has given many big hits in his career his performance is always admireable, his father is also been actor and now directing movies . Hrithik Roshan has given the hits like “Dhoom 2″, Zindgi Na Mila Gi Dobra and more .

Hrithik  Upcoming Movnes : Bang Bang
7)Ajay Devgan : 12 – 16 Crore (Indian Rupee) + Increasing – Actor , Bollywood :
Ajay Devgan 100 Crore Earnings 2014Ajay Devgan has made his career in the top actors of Bollywood , from 2012 to 2013 , Ajay has given just big hits and top movies from Singham , Son of Sardar , Rascals and Golmaal . He has been top actor now and earning quite well from his movies in 2014.

Ajay’s Upcoming movies : Singham 2
8) Saif Ali Khan : 11 – 14 Crore (Indian Rupee) + Increasing – Actor , Bollywood
Saif Ali Khan Husband of Kareena Kapoor in 2014
Saif Ali Khan has been the most famous names of 2013 movies , specially from the Cocktail and Race 2 in the both movies his acting has got a major improve and he looks more comfortable in the roles . The actor has recently married to the Bollywood richest and highest paid actress Kareena Kapoor.

Saif’s Upcoming Movie : Happy Ending , Phantom , Humshakals
9) John Abraham : 9 – 11 Crore (Indian Rupee) + Increasing – Actor , Bollywood
John Abraham Net Worth EarningsJohn Abraham the muscular boy of the Bollywood and most healthy heros , his movies are not getting popular but his recent release in which Race 2 where he did the negative role oppsite to the Saif Ali Khan has been much appriciated. His so far top movie is Force and Housefull 2.

John Abraham Upcoming Movie : Dostana 2 , Welcome Back
10 ) Ranveer Singh – Earnings Per Film : 8-9 Crore :
the richest Bollywood actors of 2014Ranveer Singh the talent rise by the Yash Raj movies from Band Baja Baraat , which is extensivly the biggest hits of any two debut stars in lead role . Ranveer Singh achieved the Bollywood place in very short time and become one of the best paid actors for his performance and movie . Appearance last year he has given 100 crore movies in a row . Lootera might not be big hit but his acting got featured in front of many directors .
11 ) Shahid Kapoor : 8 – 9.5 Crore (Indian Rupee) + Increasing – Actor , Bollywood
Shahid Kapoor the top actor 2014Shahid Kapoor may not going well with his acting so far and his movies are not hitting the screen’s but he still get top charts with some upcoming movies in which Prabhevu Deva movie “Raju Rajkumaar” is including well what type of this movie is lets see . He struggled in the Industry so hard but always find a sucess path hopefuly got a good response from critics soon .

Shahid’s Upcoming Movie : Raju Rajkumaar
12) Emraan Hashmi : 8 – 6.5 Crore (Indian Rupee) + Increasing – Actor , Bollywood
See how much rich is this movie actorHashmi is one of the top paid actors of India he has been promising for the hot roles in the movies , he took good start from the Movie murder and now becomes the popular actor in the Industry . He is one of the highest earning stars . He is almost giving 100 Crore Movies from now on .

Top 10 Richest Bollywood Actors 2014 
Actors Net Worth 2014 Salary
Worlds highest paid actors of 2014Shahrukh Khan $610 Million 22 Crore
Hottest Hunk of 2014 in BollywoodSalman Khan $410 Million 28 Crore
Most popular actors of 2014Amitabh Bachchan $405 Million 4 Crore
Amir the leading names in the Bollywood todayAmir Khan $120 Million 40 Crore
Top collection of actors in Funny rolesAkshay Kumar $95 Million 20 Crore
Ajay Devgan is one of the top actors 2014Ajay Devgan $80 Million 15 Crore
Sajay Dutt is one of the top actors 2014Sanjay Dutt $60 Million 4 Crore
Most paid actors of 2014Saif Ali Khan $55 Million 10 Crore
John Abraham Richest actors 2014John Abraham $40 Million 8 Crore
Most popular Indian actors Ranbir Kapoor $35 Million 15 Crore
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    Are, you kidding me? SRK is the richest actor in Bollywood. He have more then others actor monthly or net income. I think You need to do more research about this topic..

    • Tanudeep

      actually salman and aamir khan are highly involved in social works they pay a lot to charity ,,,,,,, you know what i mean to say ,may that’s the reason

  • sandeep gabale

    Are Baap Baap hota he oir sabka baap amir khan he…. see SRK 20 Cr leta he to Amir Bhai 40 Cr leta he…

    SRK kintna bhi udega na to usko patta >>> Amir Amir He… Check Dhoom3 Collection Break All Record “Chennai express” abhi iss record ko modne ke liye SRK ko 4-5 yrs lag jayenge…

    • Tousif

      Hi man Aamir(Giddu/Shorty) cant compare him to the likes of SRK. He does one per year shows he does not have the consistency to give hits one after another. SRK is the richest man in bollywood. So what Dhoom3 crossed Chennai express. SRK is known for starting for the Records in Bollywood. He ll create one more record not a big dela for him.

      • Shashan4k

        dude first you need to check your records…it was only AAMIR KHAN who started !00 crore club in bollywood…

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          Aamir is better than srk grow up dumb people and btw katrina kaif is the best actress lol just felt like saying 😀

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    Salman is one of the most expensive hero his one film fees rs 50 crore understand

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    srk is a businessman if all actors film money counted only salman khan would be top

    • admin

      at this point defiantly i agree with u because SRK is also running Red Chillies , and Kolkata Knight Riders the IPL team getting huge endorsements but according real number of list its Amir first 2nd Salman and third is ranbir i will update post after Salman Khan new release in 2014 (Kick)

      • Dr khaled khadar

        hi guys, Mr admin u need to check again the net amount of amir khan and I am sure u r not even close the real number, come 180 million some like that or may be more , txs all

    • hem

      did you know what business SRK have

      • admin

        Red Chillies , Shares in Movies , IPL Team Owner this is real source of income of SRK

  • shaker deshmukh

    one think i will clear here happy new year is produced by srk’s own production house i.e red chillies so srk having all the profit of this movie including satelight rights like chennai express this srk’s home production movie.
    worldwide collection of chennai express is 420 cr and profit is 350 cr
    so srk have 350cr profit from the movie chennai express
    not 17 to 25 cr
    srk is king of the world

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        ahmish stardom hi sabkuch nahi hota, quality aur talent bhi toh hona chahiye.

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          The main two things that matters are success n atitude.if u still want talent then u should become a nana patakar fan..

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    I think they are making a mistake.
    Aamir is finest actor of bollywood of our era, and that’s anough for me, an Aamirian!

  • Niroj Ravi

    sorry guys, but this information is kind of bogus. This is extremly biased as there are artists in South India who are earning more than some othe actors on the list. Easy example Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan.

    You guys making it as if Bollywood are the only ones making money. I admit they are recognised all over the world but lets not be narrow minded.

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    ohh common !!! where is hrithik roshan !!!! i think getting the money in crores is not a matter…what matter is how an actor impresses their audience…and hrithik roshan knw dat very well…after all he is too sincere towards his movies..

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    hi king of bollywood……………..DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF THE COMMEN MAN

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    Aakki is great actor

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    I am his crasiest fan. He can only be compared to Biblical King Solomon.

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    Ham hai sidhe sadhe AKSHAY AKSHAY – BcZ Ham to hai duniya k ßoss
    { The 1st Rank – 2200crore worldwide movie bussiness}
    3khans = 1khiladi
    75% avg per movie. . . . . . 😉 unbeateble he ßOSS…

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    salman khan net worth is 200 million dollars not 410 million dollars.

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    my dear friends sharukh khan is not actor .he is a cheater .he earned maximum money from cheating .he earned from public & not donate any money to the devlopment of country .he do anything for money.government should take more money actor like this & use money in devlopment of country.i think sharukh khan is not a actor .he is a kutta

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    amir is no1 .not for money.but for social change through his show satyameba jayate.which is big step toward social awareness

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    I like very much Salman Bhai because he is very handsomes and most people like him his film,God bless u Salman…

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    In my face of view he is a great great heads of for him he in a lewmines one.
    ANd I will have this fath to call him a god of needers like support thost who have talent and give them popularty.

    Sallu agar aap ye padh re h to pleas mere madad karange mere pas b talent h per stage ne please give me a platform I m a well rapper and good actor please me aap ko nirash ni hone dunga mera number.7897081039. Love u sallu Bhai uuuuuummmmmaaaa

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